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Technical recruitment is a highly specialized field. It requires much knowledge about the industry and the market and access to a large pool of qualified candidates. The capacity of a recruiter to intelligently automate their workflow and discover insights into their talent pool will be crucial in the following years for finding top personnel. AI can help recruiters by automating searching for candidates with specific skill sets and experience levels. An AI platform is a collection of technologies implemented in software, such as machine learning,

natural language processing (NLP), predictive analytics, and robotic process automation. The AI-based recruitment process is not only time-saving but also cost-effective.

The advantages of AI recruiting

1. It can analyze a large amount of data quickly and accurately.

2. It can provide accurate data about the candidate’s skills, work experience, and other information.

3. It can make decisions based on historical data and previous information.

4. It can help recruiters find the best candidates for their company in a short period with minimal effort.

How predictive analytics works

AI has been successfully applied in the recruitment process to reduce human involvement and save time. One of the best examples of AI used in recruitment is an AI-powered hiring chatbot that helps companies manage their hiring processes. The chatbot automatically schedules interviews, communicates with candidates, evaluates resumes, and screens out unsuitable applicants, thereby saving companies from much of the manual work involved in recruiting.

AI-powered assessments and cognitive science as a step toward bias-free hiring

The typical recruitment process relies heavily on human judgment and intuition, which can be inaccurate, biased, or incomplete. The AI approach has been applied to several different areas within cognitive psychology, including perception, memory, imagery, thinking, and problem-solving.

The three underlying principles would be:

1. Better data (which is evenly distributed and supported with robust and soft skill assessment metrics).

2. Algorithms that aid in the right choices.

3. 100% transparency in hiring.

Augmented Intelligence as a boon for Recruiters.

Instead of spending most of their time on reactive backfilling, recruiters can perform proactive strategic hiring. Recruiters will have more face-to-face time with candidates to establish rapport and assess cultural fit. AI allows recruiters to become more proactive in hiring, help determine a candidate’s culture fit, and measure KPIs such as the quality of hire.

AI can bring a paradigm shift in online interviews

AI can pick up on nuances in video interviews, such as gestures and facial expressions, that humans might overlook. In contrast, the technology can purposely ignore manners that a human interviewer could find distracting but wouldn’t prevent a candidate from landing the job. Similarly, because AI can process enormous amounts of data without becoming tired, it may uncover trends that hiring managers and recruiters would otherwise miss. The capacity of AI technologies to search through calendars and manage interview scheduling, which

is frequently one of the most significant sources of frustration in the hiring process, should not be disregarded. AI scheduling can make everyone’s lives easier and more fulfilling.

The onboardings will never be a headache moving forward with AI

By identifying discrepancies in responses to questions like age, address, and personal details, AI can also determine whether the forms are complete and accurate and will automatically require data verification or re-enter. The chores can be finished far before the first day of work because they can all be done online with digital signatures. The hiring management software is aware of the employee’s workplace and whether they are working remotely. The new hire can be guided through the building using site-map simulations, which can show them where to go on their first day, where their office or cubicle is, where the cafeteria and facilities are, and where to pick up a badge or other ID. Bots can answer new employee FAQs, saving HR time and reducing employee concerns.

Written by

Vidya Prasad

Technical Recruiter

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