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What comes to mind when we hear “hackathon”? Is it a programming competition, a marathon of ideas, innovations, coding, or IT development? In their work “What are Hackathons for?”, Marko Komssi and his team define a hackathon as a combination of the terms “hack” which stands for a solution or a shortcut, and “marathon” which stands for continuous competition. In fact, this type of event brings specialists of different backgrounds together to create a unique and ground-breaking product. Our first hackathon was a great success and a delightful experience.        

Softversum is a Dubai-based leading software company dedicated to crafting transformative solutions that empower businesses and individuals to thrive in the digital age. Combing cutting-edge technology and boundless innovation, we provide software, marketing and body leasing solutions. Striving to create a product that brings life to convenience, Softversum put creative thinking and technologies together to give the world an ultimate digital business card that operates through an NFC system. To bring the idea to life, we schedule our first hackathon at the end of the second week of May 2023.    

The hackathon ran for two days. Even though it was held in Dubai Softversum’s office, our specialists from Mexico were able to participate remotely. Despite the usual notion of a comitative event, our hackathon united all the participants in pursuing a common goal. The general idea was to replace paper business cards we may run out of at the most inopportune moment by creating a solution allowing us to store and share any required information using an NFC digital business card. After the work plan was clear, the participants were divided into groups. The working process started with a dynamic exchange of ideas by applying the expertise and experience of the members. To choose the name of our new product, we arranged a brainstorm involving every participant. In about half an hour, our list has over 70 name options. After several voting rounds, the name was finalized. The invention was named WeConnectify. The atmosphere became more charged with excitement in no time. Enthusiasm overflowed. Collaboration was at the heart of the hackathon’s success. Eventually, all the groups mixed up working as one team. Everyone tried to make the best contribution to the project. The place was filled with fun and enjoyment of the process. Given that the digital card idea is not new, Softversum increased the list of product key features. Apart from the contact information that the card is able to share, it was decided to link to the digital card any access or payment card that a person can hold. Thus, WeConnectify could replace an entire wallet. 

Two days flew by in an instant. The hackathon was over. All parts of the project were put together for a final test. The presentation of the product was a success. The platform was functional and able to store information. WeConnectify digital card connected to the platform and shared information through NFC. The marketing estimation revealed that the cost of one WeConncetify digital card would equal the price of 100 paper business cards. In addition, WeConnectify can be fully customized at any time, porched online and will be ready for collection in 24 hours after the purchase. The first stage of WeConnectify was completed. It is amazing what a group of people can create in a short period of time, being passionate about what they do and having absolute freedom of action. Apart from bringing a product that can make someone’s life more convenient, the hackathon contributed to the Softversum team bonding, helped everyone feel significant and opened new horizons for development.

Overall, it was a fun and, what is more important, an extremely productive event. Although it was our first hackathon, we are proud of its success. We are optimistic about hosting events like hackathons in the future and planning to expand their scale by inviting partner companies for collaboration. Think big, stay positive and see you all at the next hackathon.

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